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Unifi installation scripts

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All Kudos to Glenn R.

These scripts were tested on Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/18.10/19.04/19.10/20.04 and Debian 8/9/10/11. If you find any issues while using my scripts please let me know!

Information about the UniFi Controller Versions.

I recommend using server with atleast 2 GB of RAM.


1) Copy the link location of the script.

2) SSH into your Ubuntu/Debian machine, and login as root. ( Ubuntu | sudo -i | Debian | su )

2a) Make sure the ca-certificates package is installed.

apt-get update; apt-get install ca-certificates wget -y

3) Download the script by executing the following command. ( change it to your wanted version )


Install the latest and greatest UniFi Network Controller with 1 line. ( copy paste )

rm &> /dev/null; wget && bash

4) Now run the script with the command below.


You can add -skip behind ./ if you want it to skip the Script Removal and Repository questions.

Example: ./ -skip

5) Once the installation is completed browse to your controller.


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