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Why My Next Computer Will Be a Framework

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably cycled through a fair number of laptops over the years. Some were good, others… not so much. But there’s a shiny beacon of hope in the vast ocean of tech: the Framework laptop. Let me spill the beans on why this bad boy is my next computer pick. 1. It’s all about that Modularity 🧩 Forget about those laptops where you can’t even upgrade the RAM without some heavy tech gymnastics.

The ART of lInuX

Artix Linux: The Secure and Swift Operating System for the Privacy Conscious When one thinks of Linux distributions, names like Ubuntu, Fedora, or Debian might immediately come to mind. These are the giants of the Linux world, popularized by their user-friendliness and wide community support. However, delve a bit deeper into the realm of Linux, and you’ll uncover gems like Artix Linux – a distribution that has become a favorite among those who prioritize security, privacy, and speed.