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GOPRO 9 Settings explained

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When it comes to setting up your GoPro Hero 9 Black, there are a lot of options and settings you can tweak. So which ones should you use? It’s hard to know what the best video settings for your GoPro are without experimenting with them all! But, I have tried my hardest to find the absolute BEST Video Settings for your new camera.

Hero 8 Settings

The GoPro Hero 9 comes loaded with some wonderful video settings and presets. Here are the nine best GoPro Hero 9 video settings you should know about in order to produce quality video with your device:

#1. Digital Lenses

The GoPro Hero 9 lets you choose from five different digital lenses for your shot – SuperView, Wide, Linear, Linear + Horizon Leveling, or Narrow. The default lens will vary based on the preset you choose.

When you’re shooting video, the SuperView lens captures the largest field of view while the Narrow lens captures the smallest. SuperView provides the widest and tallest field of view. Wide gives a wide field of view that captures as much as possible within the frame. Linear lens also gives a wide field of view, albeit without the fisheye effect of SuperView and Wide. Linear + Horizon Leveling mode captures a wide field of view without the fisheye effect of SuperView and Wide, while also keeping your footage smooth and level even if your camera tilts while recording. Narrow lets you have a narrow FOV without the fisheye effect.

#2. HyperSmooth

GoPro Hero 9 Black’s HyperSmooth image stabilization delivers ultra smooth footage by correcting camera shake. The camera achieves this by cropping your videos while recording, so that it can buffer the footage. Using HyperSmooth gives wonderful results while shooting activities like biking, skating, skiing, handheld shots, and more. The Hero 9 Black has four HyperSmooth settings – Boost, High, On and Off.

When you’ve turned HyperSmooth off, GoPro records video without any video stabilization. When it’s turned on, you get a stabilized video with minimal (10%) cropping. Setting HyperSmooth at High provides you stronger video stabilization, again with minimal (10%) cropping. HyperSmooth Boost mode gives maximum video stabilization, but with tight cropping.

#3. Standard Preset

Standard Preset in GoPro Hero 9 Black is a versatile preset which shoots 1080p video at 60FPS for full-screen playback on your phone and TV. The digital lens is set to Wide to capture more of the scene in the frame.

Standard Preset is great for all-purpose video recording.

#4. Activity Preset

The Activity Preset records 2.7K video at 60FPS with the SuperView digital lens. This gives your video the classic GoPro look with high-resolution full-screen playback.

The Activity Preset is useful to capture ultra immersive footage of pretty much any activity, including biking, hiking, driving, motorcycling, skiing and so on.

#5. Cinematic Preset

The Cinematic Preset lets you shoot stunning 4K videos at 30 fps. As the name suggests, this mode delivers a dramatic cinematic feel to your footage by using the Linear + horizon leveling digital lens to smooth out the fish-eye effect.

Cinematic Preset is my go-to preset for 3rd person and follow cam type shots.

#6. Slo-Mo

Slo-Mo mode lets you slow things down to (up to) 8x normal speed during playback. As default, this preset records 1080p footage at 240 fps. It uses HyperSmooth to deliver crystal clear ultra-slow motion shots with amazing details that you can’t see with the naked eye!

Slo-mo is perfect for slowing down fast-action shots, so that you’re able to see minute details of the action.

#7. Time Warp

Time Warp is the default time lapse setting on the GoPro Hero 9 Black. This preset is for you if you want to capture a time lapse video while your camera is moving. As default, Time Warp captures 1080p HD video with the Wide angle lens of your Hero 9. It automatically adjusts your capture speed for the best results. This mode uses the Hero 9 Black’s amazing HyperSmooth image stabilization technology which helps capture ultra smooth time lapse video while you’re on the move.

Time Warp mode is for those who want to create time lapses of activities like mountain bike runs, hikes, and more.

#8. Time Lapse

Time Lapse mode is for those who want to capture time lapse video when the Hero 9 Black camera is mounted and still.  When you select the ‘Time Lapse’ setting, your GoPro Hero 9 Black records 1080p video (as default) with the Wide digital lens while capturing one shot every 0.5 seconds.

gopro shooting time lapse video

This is a great mode to shoot sunrise/sunsets, horizon, clouds, street scenes, and similar shots that involve shooting for a long period of time.

#9. Night Lapse

Night Lapse mode is meant to capture time lapse video in dark and low light conditions with your Hero 9 Black. It automatically adjusts the camera’s shutter speed to let more light in and picks the interval that will give you the best results. GoPro Hero 9 Night Lapse shoots 1080p video with the Wide digital lens as default.

Night Lapse

Night Lapse shots are strictly for night time/dark shots, like moon, stars or city streets at night. Please note that you must keep your camera stationary and held by a mount or a tripod to get the best shot in this mode.

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