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Configuring SASL and SSL IRC for WeeChat

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Here’s a simple guide for password-based authentication, based on the WeeChat quick-start guide.

If you haven’t already set up your connection to, use this command:

/server add bistirc -ssl

When you connect via weechat and the server your are connecting to is using a non-valid certificate you will a connection issue. Getting a free certificate is not straightforward with certbot without a webserver.

Therefore sometimes you just like to ignore the invalid certificate and just connect over SSL.

In Weechat this can be accomplished by setting a server property in the connection to the IRC server.

/set irc.server.bistirc.ssl_verify off

If you have already set up a connection to, or if that command fails with a message like irc: server "bistirc" already exists, can't add it!, then use these commands to ensure that SSL/TLS is enabled for your connection:

/set irc.server.bistirc.addresses ""
/set irc.server.bistirc.ssl on

Now, configure SASL:

/set irc.server.bistirc.sasl_mechanism PLAIN
/set irc.server.bistirc.sasl_username <nickname>
/set irc.server.bistirc.sasl_password <password>

Cheat sheet for WeeChat

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