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Migrate Proxmox VM to Unraid VM

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  1. I had backups of my virtual machines in *.vma format (uncompressed). If your backup is compressed, you first need to uncompress it to get the vma-file.
  2. vma is a special proxmox backup file which has to be extracted too. The easiest way for me was this python project: vma-extractor on Github. I used my working python install in Linux, you’ll fin executables for other systems here:
  3. Download the from Github.
  4. usage is very simple: your-proxmox-backup.vma /new/export/directory “directory” will be created by the script, don’t create it yourself!
    ❗ This will perhaps last several hours without output!
  5. In the new “directory” you will find several files, the biggest one is your raw image. Copy it to your unraid server and rename it to something.img
  6. Create a new VM in unraid web GUI, try to use the same settings as in Proxmox VE.
    Change “Primary vDisk Locatiion” from “Auto” to “Manual” and insert the path of you img

  7. Start VM and enjoy!

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