Building your smart home

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Velbus and Open Source


We believe that using automation and ultimate control is key to any smart home. We use technologies that have a proven track record in the industry. There are a lot of systems out there and connecting them in one single control plane is our goal. Detaching unified building control from the technology behind it.

Smart Homes and Buildings can save a lot of money. Besides the fact that the automation system is tuned to your environment it is also considered being ecologically friendly.



Airtame is an enterprise grade wireless HDMI device for TVs and projectors. Users can share content wirelessly from their laptop or mobile device to one or more screens. Airtame helps getting rid of screen cables in classrooms and in conference rooms.

Optional Cloud managed 

All your airtames can be managed from a central dashboard for digital signage purposes and upgrades


Cross Platform

Can be used on any device. 

User Friendly

Simple to setup. Bullet proof. Easy to use, yet full of advanced options

No cable hassle

Remove the cable and dongles in your conference rooms


R.A.V.E.N. is the biggest VR arcade in Belgium. Virtual Escape Rooms, Experiences, etcTech used: Velbus, Openhab, z-wave, Airtame.

Studio Helsinki

Building the ultimate recording studio in Antwerp calls for the best home control system.Tech used: Velbus, Openhab 


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